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Ten Commandments for Sports Parents

The 'Ten Commandments for Sports Parents' is a recommended read for the parents of IFBL players.


Sportability Instructions:

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Interfaith Basketball League - Sportability - Public

Go to and, under ‘Find My League’, search for ‘IFBL’.  This will bring you to the IFBL league homepage.  Note:  The links to Sportability from will link straight to the IFBL league homepage on Sportability.

IFBL League Homepage:  A list of all the active IFBL leagues are shown on the IFBL league homepage.  Sportability calls each different group of teams (such as grade/gender) a league, not a division.  Click on the icon next to the name of the league you wish to view, and you will be taken to its league homepage.


Information that can be viewed for each league include, the complete league or team Schedule, Standings, Head to Head Results, Playoff Brackets and Scores, League Notices (posted by the League Commissioner), Team Contacts, Locations (Gym addresses, you can even map driving directions), and a league Message Board to post comments about your teams league.


Once a league is selected, then the following options can be used for that specific league:


League Home:  On each league’s homepage the following are shown – Recent League Notices (notes and information posted by the league commissioner) and Recent/Upcoming Schedule (schedule of recent and upcoming games for the league).

‘Contact League’:  To contact the league commissioner then use the ‘Contact League’ link of the left side menu.  Please send any questions or comments you may have.  Also, make sure to post messages on the league message board (see Section 11 for more information).

Schedule:  Click on ‘Schedule’ on the left side menu to view the entire schedule for the leagues games.  You can use the pull-down menu and change ‘All Teams’ to a particular team.  This will only show that team’s schedule.  On completed games (games with reported final scores) the winning team will be shown in green.  To view more detailed information on completed games, then simply click on the icon next to the completed game.

Standings:  Click on ‘Standings’ on the left side menu to view the league standings.  The standings are updated as soon as a game score is reported.  If you click on the icon next to a team name on the schedule, then the Team Homepage will be shown (more info on team homepages is in Section 7).

Head to Head:  The ‘Head to Head’ feature will show team results against the other teams in the league.  Just choose a team to see its results and the scoring differences.

Team Homepage:  The team homepage is accessed by clicking on the icon next to a team name in ‘Standings’.  It is also accessed via the game summary pages on completed games.  Information shown includes the coach contact information, team notices, and previous / next game information.  A link to a team’s complete schedule is at the bottom of a team’s homepage.

Playoffs:  When the regular season schedule is complete the league’s playoff schedule is shown via the ‘Playoffs’ link.  Playoff tournament brackets are also shown.

Notices:  All notices posted by the commissioner for an individual league can be viewed from the ‘Notices’ link.  Important information may be posted, so please make sure to check the notices often.  Your league’s homepage shows notices posted within the last 10 days.

Team Contacts:  On the ‘Team Contacts’ link coaches contact information for each league team is shown.  You can also click on the icon next to a team name to visit the team homepage.

Locations:  Use the ‘Locations’ link to view a list of gym locations for games played in your league.  The gym addresses are shown along with a ‘Map’ feature.  Click on ‘Map’ to view a map of the location.  You can use the map to get customized online driving directions from your location.

Msg Board:  Each individual league will have its on message board.  This can be used to ask questions or to communicate with other league teams, players, etc.  Click on ‘Msg Board’ to view posted messages.  The pull-down menu can be used to filter the range of messages.  If you would like to post a message then click on ‘Add Your Message’, fill out the fields, and then click on ‘Post Message’.


IFBL also has a league community forum that can be accessed from  You can view messages from the commissioner, post grievances, or chat with others about anything in the IFBL.

Misc League Info:  Other miscellaneous league information is posted under ‘Misc League Info’.  A link to the league website is also available on this page.

FAQ:  Any other items of detail that weren’t covered may be found via the ‘FAQ’ link.


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