Sportability Help:  Information and Instructions

Ten Commandments for Sports Parents

The 'Ten Commandments for Sports Parents' is a recommended read for the parents of IFBL players.


Sportability Instructions:

Public - Parents & Players


Athletic Directors


Interfaith Basketball League - Sportability - Coaches

Go to and log on with your user name and password.

Account Info:  When your username is first created a password is automatically generated and E-Mailed to you.  If you would like to change your password then go to the ‘Account Info’ screen, edit the information, and click ‘Save’.

Team Info:  To view/edit the coaches contact information, click on ‘Team Info’ on the menu on the left side of the page.  You can edit coach and assistant coaches Name, Phone, and E-Mail address.  Be sure to click ‘Save’ to save any changes that have been made.  You can also view the team roster from this screen.

Team Notes:  You can add notes for your team in the ‘Team Notes’ screen.  Enter a title and then type the message in the body, click ‘Save’ to save the note.  This message will be placed on the main team page and can be viewed by the public including players and parents.  Examples of notes to be posted could be practice schedules or other types of reminders.

Logo and Pics:  You have the option of posting a team logo and even team pictures.  These images can be viewed by the public including the players and parents.

Communicate:  One of the best features of Sportability is ‘Communicate’.  On the ‘Communicate’ screen you can easily send a message to the E-Mail addresses of your entire team and assistant coaches all at once.  For example, if a practice is cancelled or to remind players/parents of an upcoming game then use ‘Communicate’ to send team messages.

Roster:  To view/edit the roster, click on ‘Roster’ on the menu on the left side of the page.  Click on the edit icon next to the name to edit their contact information or jersey number, to save your changes make sure to click ‘Save’.  To E-Mail a single player, then click on the E-Mail icon under ‘Contact Info’ for a particular player.  You can easily export the team roster to Excel or PDF from this screen by clicking on the appropriate links.

Schedule, Reporting Game Scores:  You can view your team schedule from the ‘Schedule’ screen.  If you click on the icon next to a scheduled game you can view game info and print two different types of scoresheets for that particular game.  The scoresheets will have game information and rosters for both teams. 


After a game is completed you can enter the final score of the game to report game scores to the league.  You can also type an optional game summary report.  Just click on the icon next to a completed scheduled game, type in the score and click Save.  This will update the standings of the league. 

View Team Page / View Public Area:  You can view the public team page for your team and the public area for your particular league by clicking on the links on the menu on the left side of the page.  The team page will have the score of the last game played and information of the next upcoming game for your team.  The team roster, coaches contact information, team notes, and the complete team schedule can also be viewed from the team page.


Information on the league that can be viewed, by clicking on the links, are the complete league Schedule, Standings, Head to Head Results, Playoff Brackets and Scores, League Notices (posted by the League Commissioner), Team Contacts, Locations (Gym addresses, you can even map driving directions), and a league Message Board to post comments about your teams league.


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